Seuls Les Tilleuls Mentent (CD) Only the lime trees lie

Cd created at the Abbey of St Riquier ( in live recording conditions. Direct stereo recording made by Jean Pierre Smadja. Big Blue Records / Harmonia Mundi. With Tony Ballester on bass, Hugues Hervé on drums, and Albin de la Simone on piano and keyboards

Seuls les Tilleuls Mentent

Bleu Tactile

Magic Mushrooms
This piece, which is a collective composition, was recorded at the end of the session. The guitar and bass were detuned to produce these percussion sounds. Based on a melodic and rhythmic pattern repeated in a non stop loop. (I do not know what we had smoked that day …)

Autour de La

L’Enfer chez Molette

L’Année du Dragon
In this track Albin uses a melodica, an instrument whose sound is halfway between a bandoneon and a harmonica

Les Oiseaux sont des Cons (composition of Hughes Hervé)

Bambi (composition of Albin de la Simone)

Les Petits Canards dans le Lavabo
Well, that one we made it short!


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