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Dear Friend visitor, welcome to my eclectic musical bazaar!

Here you will be able to listen to a selection of my compositions over the years, that reflect the different styles and composition methods that I use. The pieces are deliberately presented in a certain disorder, but you can also choose to listen to compositions by various categories (Jazz, classical music, contemporary, improvisation etc …). To do this, you need to click on the red ‘buttons’ to have all the pieces of the same category. To return to the default layout, click on ‘Listen’ in the main menu.

 The Bazaar also includes the fruits of my collaborations as an instrumentalist, composer and arranger with other artists in the worlds of jazz, improvised music, theater, image and song.

 The soundtracks of the compositions are either recordings taken from CDs, concerts, music written for theatre and film, or they are audio files created with a music writing software that I have used for many years. They reflect my desire for eclecticism as well as the many artists and composers that I like.

 For some of the symphonic pieces, I use the “Note performer” sound tool from the Wallander Instrument editor. (These pieces are identified by a double asterisk **). This tool is interesting for musical writing because it “interprets” all the elements of expression (piano, forte, crescendo, rallentando, etc.) and of technique (pizzicato, col legno etc.) that are marked on the score so as to produce a fairly accurate audio representation of ​​the interpretation of the score. Needless to say, Note Performer is not intended to compete, in terms of sound reproduction, with the big “sound banks”, that can be harnessed these days to create a result very close to a performance by real musicians.

 A Jazz score (other than arrangements such as for Big Bands) usually consists of a melody line and a harmony line (chord notations). To enable you to hear these compositions as they would be when played by a trio or quartet etc., I have written also the parts for piano or guitar (depending on the formation), double bass and drums.